Workshop on R Programming

R is a programming language used for data analyses. Using R presents numerous advantages: 1) it is totally free; 2) its source code is editable; and 3) it has a huge community that can solve any programming and statistical problem.

You are interested in using R to analyze your data but are stuck when you open its console and do not know where to start? The office of statistical consulting invites you to attend a workshop introducing the use of R on Tuesday, October 4, from 12.00pm to 1:30pm, on Zoom.

This workshop will allow you to take your first steps with R, so that you can become autonomous in your future learning process. The workshop is presented by Serge Vicente, postdoctoral fellow at McGill University and consultant in statistics at the office of statistical consulting.

To see a more detailed description and to register, please visit our website.

See you soon!

The Statistical Consultation Office team