Climate Fresk: 3 hours to understand climate change

The Climate Fresk is a « serious game » designed to help you understand the systemic nature of climate change on a global scale: its causes, direct and indirect consequences, and potential consequences.

How the workshop works :

  1. Reflection phase: In teams of 6 to 8 people, your mission will be to find the links between the different elements leading to climate change and its consequences: environmental, social and economic…
  2. Creation and synthesis phase: The team will then think about how to summarize, organize and present the knowledge acquired in the previous phase, as if they were explaining it to someone who hadn’t played the game.
  3. Group discussion: Participants discuss their new knowledge, feelings and thoughts. Now’s the time to think about possible courses of action! 

When? Where?

Thursday, June 15th, from 4pm to 7pm, in the 3C area of the ETS Library.

How to sign up?

To take part, simply register via the following link:

Don’t hesitate to follow us on the networks for other workshop times and themes